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I want to make an announcement for all of those that have been kind enough to actually look at this blog for the past few months when I have been to busy to post any new news. Please check out http://babydru.blogspot.com/ Thanks DruU


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For the 2 readers of my blog... I have bought my own Domain Name and have just set up my blog. I am going to be posting New things at http://druutopia.com/ This will be the new Dru's World and will eventually transfer my posts over but first I want to make it look better, (but I need to figure out how to make my own template first). My Daughter actually wants to start Blogging so I will be adding a new Blog soon for her. Hope to see you there...


Daughter's First Breakup1

According to my daughter a long term relationship in her school is approximatly one month. I remember those days. I honestly believe that the only reason this break up affected my daughter so much was the situation. The other day I left work early again and made it to the school so I could pick her up before she got on the bus. As I stood infront of the office looking over this wave of short people I noticed my daughter (she is one of the tallest in her school). She was walking towards me with her eyes firmly planted on the ground. Her best friend was walking beside her with the look of concern. My daughter looked up and greeted me with a painful smile. As we walked to the car I asked her what happened at school. Of course I got the mechanical response, "nothin'" "Then what's wrong?" "Tony Dumped me." she said with a crack in her voice that told me she was about to cry. I knew then my busy plans for that night were changed. The car ride was quiet, she didn't speak. Then she noticed that I turned the wrong way, "where are we going. "You'll see, you need some breakup medication." We pulled up in front of a Mom & Pop shop in the tiny town next to ours. We walked in and she actually started to look around for the medicine ilse. I said, "its back here." We walked into the back where there is an old counter sat on stools and I looked at the man behind the counter. "Two Chocolate shakes, bad break up moment." The man gave a little smirk and went to the back kitchen. When he returned he handed the largest milk shake I have ever seen to my daughter and said, "it heals the heart" then placed a small Milkshake in front of me and said, "the large is on the house." Although my daughter has never been to this place I am there every morning on my way to work. Bobby, the man behind the counter, has heard about my daughter almost every week day for the past 6 months. After a couple of ice cold sips my daughter told me a tragic story of pain, suffering and betrayal. I sat there listening and secretly thought, "boy are horrible creatures, but girls are just down right mean." I will have to explain this whole story someday but as for now it has snowballed into splitting a school in half and two fathers getting called to the Principals office. The good news, after my daughter finished her milk shake and told me this horrible story, she got up with a huge smile gave me a hug and said, "I am so glad you will let me talk to you about this."


No Such Thing as Reverse Discrimination

Today I was listening to the morning radio show on my way to work. They started discussing some election stuff like everyone now that the primaries are happening. They started talking about Clinton and Obama. Now being a registered republican in Albany New York I can only vote in the Republican Primaries. It really doesn't matter because I am probably going to write in my vote. Anyway this radio station mentioned the words reverse discrimination. These words, when put together drive me crazy. I am a middle class white male in my thirties, I have not been reverse discriminated against, I have been discriminated against. There is no such thing as reverse discrimination, discrimination is horrible who ever you are. This was brought up because they were talking about black votes are going to Obama and woman and idiots are voting for Bill's wife. Election time brings out the idiots of all kinds. I for one would love to see a Black Woman in Office. I have no issues voting for a person that has views closer to me than anyone else. If I stood up and said I am not voting for Obama because he is black, then I am a racist. If a black man stands up and says he is voting for Obama because he is Black he is patted on the back. I was actually talking to a friend of mine and a coworker the other day who are both Black. My friend said he was going to vote for McCain. The Coworker actually got pissed at my friend because he is not voting for the Black person that is running. Am I horrible because I will never vote for McCain, I am a Veteran and so is he. I am not voting for "my kind" Who is a Black woman suppose to vote for? Does she turn her back on her race or gender? Vote for those you agree on and leave the skin tone and gender out of it.